5 Reasons Boxers Are the Best Family Dog Breed

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Best Family Dog Breed

“Best Family Dog Breed.”  For anyone who has considered adding a four-legged member to their family, you’ve likely googled this.  We certainly did. 

Meet Penny. The reason we think Boxers are the best family dog breed. 

Top 5 Reasons Boxers are the Best Family Dog

Penny is our 3-year-old, loving, crazy and personality-filled boxer. Perhaps her best quality is that she is the most amazing family dog that we could ever ask for. 

Before I get into the reasons why, let me backtrack a bit and explain how we ended up with a boxer.

Admittedly, it was partially by chance. Both my husband and I grew up with dogs, and in my case, sometimes multiple at one time.  In fact, I can’t remember a time growing up that we didn’t have a dog in our house.

So, to say we are dog people is an understatement. When we moved in together, I think we lasted all of three months before we started talking about adding a four-legged member to the family.

We considered a lot of different options and researched the best family dog breed like crazy.  Unfortunately, while we discussed adopting a dog from a shelter, it just wasn’t an option for us.  My older sister was severely bitten by a dog (not one of our family dogs) when she was 10 years old that left her scarred, both physically on her face, as well as emotionally. I didn’t want to ever make her uncomfortable when visiting our home.

Beyond that, our criteria weren’t much more than knowing we wanted a short-haired dog.

So in 2005, we brought home our first fawn boxer, Zoey Mae. She was the BEST dog.

For the first 6 years of her life, it was just Zoey and us.  When our daughter was born in 2012, Zoey became her protector. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Zoey in January, 2015.

There was definitely a void after we lost Zoey, but we had a very busy toddler to chase, so we waited until August, 2015, to bring home our second boxer, Penny.  Based on our experience with Zoey, we didn’t even consider a different breed for a second, and Penny continues to reinforce our love for the breed.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we feel Boxers are the best family dog breed:

1. They are Patient

Both our boxers have been ULTRA patient.  My son was born when Penny was still a puppy, and he has truly grown up with her. When he was learning to pull up on things, Penny was one of his favorite things to pull up on. And she let him. Despite our pleas to be gentle, he’d sometimes pull on her ears. And she let him. Today, he uses Penny as a pillow and she just lays there as if there’s no place she’d rather be.

2. They are Smart

I will preface this by saying boxers are the only dogs we’ve trained, so this opinion is partially biased. But in my opinion, both of our boxers were extremely easy to train.  We potty-trained both of them via the Bell Training method and they picked it up within a week’s time. Read more about this method via the American Kennel Club site. In general the sit, stay and leave commands she picked up without a problem, as long as we spent time with her each day practicing the commands.

3. They are Energetic

This is a must with young kids that are constantly on the go.  Whether it’s a walk to the park for the fourth time on a weekend or chasing after the kids while they play hide and seek or tag in the backyard, Penny is ready for whatever adventure the family takes her on.

4. They are Cuddlers

Boxers typically grow to be between 60 and 70 pounds, but they think they are the size of a teacup poodle.  If you’re sitting on the floor or curled up on the couch with a blanket, you can guarantee a boxer will be sitting as close as they possibly can to you.

5. They Rarely Bark

While this wasn’t a quality we sought after, it is absolutely a benefit from my perspective.  Anyone with a baby knows that the slightest sound (ahem, barking dog) can wake up a baby you just worked for the last two hours to get down. And when that happens, no one is happy. Our boxers bark at all the right times – when someone they don’t know comes to the door or when you’re playing with them.  But they don’t bark for the sake of barking like many dogs do.

Those are the top reasons a boxer is the best family dog breed from our perspective! What do you think is the best family dog breed and why? Comment below!

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