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Stitch Fix for Kids Review – Fall 2018

Looking for an honest opinion on Stitch Fix for Kids? Read our review of our Fall 2018 Stitch Fix for Kids box.

Earlier this year, Stitch Fix announced expansion of their popular clothing subscription box for men and women to kids! I was thrilled to hear this, as my husband and I have both been big Stitch Fix fans. With my daughter back in school, I wanted to give it a try for some new clothes for fall. We just received her first box, so I thought it would be helpful to do a Stitch Fix for Kids Review!Before we get started, let’s cover a few basics.

What is Stitch Fix for Kids?

Stitch Fix for Kids is an online styling service that sends 8-10 articles of clothing based on the style profile you complete. Based on your style profile and at a cadence you define, a personal stylist will select pieces for your kids that match their personal style. Those items are shipped to you where you then try them on in the comfort of your home. You and your little one can decide which pieces you want to keep and which ones you want to send back by completing the check out process . If you keep the whole box, you get a 25% discount off the entire box! They provide the envelope to ship everything back in so it is truly the easiest process ever.

One of my favorite things about the clothing subscription boxes is filling out the style profile to ensure what you receive matches your personal style. Stitch Fix for Kids was no different.  In fact, we’ve tried other kid clothing subscription boxes before and I feel Stitch Fix’s style profile was far more robust, which I think helped greatly with our overall opinion of our box.

Our First Fix Overview

Outfit 1:
Top: Odin & Ivey Millie Graphic Tee – $14;
Bottoms: Capelli New York Shelby Fleece Lined Leggings – $12

Stitch Fix for Kids Review

She Says: “Oh the pandas are so cute.” After trying them on, “They are sooooo soft on the inside.”

I Say: This is a winning outfit in my book and perfect for her to wear and be comfortable in school.

Outfit 2:
Chenault Girl Tami Tulle Dress $30

Stitch Fix for Kids Review

She Says: “This is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen. I love the skirt!”

I Say: Definitely a super cute outfit, though she isn’t much of a dress wearer typically.  I don’t necessarily see this being a school outfit, but something she can definitely wear on the weekends for birthday parties.

Outfit 3:
Top – Rumi & Ryder The Shirred Graphic Tee – $18;
Bottoms – Rumi & Ryder Leah Navy Knit Legging – $12

Stitch Fix for Kids Review

She Says: “I like the birdies.” – Lady of few words

I Say: Cute outfit overall. Another good one for school.  Will be curious to see how the darker leggings hold up as those are always the ones that fade quickly.

Outfit 4:
Top: Rumi & Ryder The Long Sleeve Peplum Top – $16;
Bottoms – Rumi & Ryder Leah Pink Leggings – $12

Stitch Fix for Kids Review

She Says: “It’s so soft and pink is my favorite color.”

I Say: This is probably my favorite outfit in the box. The coloring was perfect for Em’s hair color and skin tone.

Outfit 5:
Top – Rumi & Ryder Katy Flip Sequin Sweater – $24

Stitch Fix for Kids Review

She Says: “Can I take the picture like i’m flipping the sequins.”

I Say: Some of her favorite shirts to wear are the ones with flip sequins, so I knew she’d love this one.  It was super small on her, so we exchanged it for a bigger size.  Here it’s paired with the Rumi & Ryder Leah Pink Leggings, but I think I’d pair it with black leggings instead.

Outfit 6:
Top – Rumi & Ryder Esme Skater Pocket Dress – $24;
Bottoms: Rumi & Ryder Leah Gray Leggings – $12

Stitch Fix for Kids Review

She Says: “It has POCKETS! I’ve never had a dress with pockets before!!”

I Say: This one is a tad too much unicorn for my liking, so I fully intend on her never wearing these pieces together.  I think we have plenty of other unicorn tops that we can pair with these pants. And the unicorn tunic would look just fine with any other solid color leggings.

The Verdict!

One of the reasons we like to try these subscription boxes is convenience, because finding time to shop for my kids between school, work, soccer practice, etc., is just HARD.  We also like to get exposure to new styles outside our normal Target or Kohl’s clothes.

Based on my experience, we absolutely plan to continue with Stitch Fix for Kids. All told, we received a total of 10 pieces in our box. Except for the Katy Flip Sequin Sweater that was a bit too small, we loved everything we received.  So we kept the whole box and requested an exchange for the too small sweater. The breakdown on our costs are all below.

Stitch Fix for Kids Pricing


So that’s our Stitch Fix for Kids Review! Interested in trying out Stitch Fix for Kids? Click here to schedule their first fix.  And if you’re interested in scheduling a fix for yourself, try this link!


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