Disney Halloween Surprise

We did it! We surprised our kids with a trip to Disney World!  Our daughter had been asking for two years to go to Disney, as a lot of her friends were going.  Neither my husband nor I are big Disney people. He went once when he was seven years old and I went with a friend’s family in high school.

When we made the decision and I started the planning process, I was beyond overwhelmed. There was SO much to think of, do, plan, etc. But that’s a story for a different post.  This post is all about how we surprised the kids with the trip!

I had Pinterested and Googled “Disney World Surprise” like crazy and pinned what feels like hundreds of ideas, but nothing truly piqued my interest . My husband wanted to wait until we were at the airport to surprise them with the trip, but I didn’t think we’d get away with that.  How we ended up surprising them was 100% organic, unplanned, and everything we could have asked for.

Our Disney Halloween Surprise

It was the Sunday before Halloween and we decided to carve our pumpkins. We always do a few small pumpkins for the kids and then one large pumpkin for the family. This year, our daughter asked if we could carve the family pumpkin like Mickey Mouse.  My husband and  I looked at each other and I think we both knew NOW was the time to tell them.  So we cleaned out the pumpkin and Eric got to work.

He took two of our smaller pumpkins and cut them to represent Mickey’s ears and then carved Mickey’s face.

We then simply wrote on the back “We Are Going to Disney”.  We brought the kids in and showed them the final product and the excitement on their faces when he turned the pumpkin around was something we’ll never forget.

What I think I learned from this is you don’t need to overthink or over plan your Disney surprise.  My number one piece of advice is don’t get SO caught up in wanting to make this magical memory that it becomes something completely unnatural.  I think if it does, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment if they don’t react the way you envisioned in your head.

Tell me about how you surprised your kids with Disney!

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